Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Welcome To American Wine

As you may know I have returned to the United States from my European travels and to my surprise I've landed in strange, new territories.  Though one step closer to my ultimate destination, Sonoma Wine Country, I am still about 7 hours away by car!  I am sharing my new digs with a wonderful (though chaotic) soul named Warner Brown.  He's holding the microphone and I'm holding the guitar. 

In fact, Warner told me about the "A REALLY GOODE JOB" opportunity in the first place, so I guess I need to thank him for all the extra work I've been doing as of late!  Thanks punk.

Warner's a fairly young kid who spends a lot of time out and about socializing and womanizing. What else should a handsome single guy with a good job be doing with his spare time, eh?  That and making great music and drinking GOODE wine. :)

When Warner picked me up at LAX (late but who's complaining) I couldn't help but notice the familiar colours and logo on the carton which was on his back seat.  And like Pavlov's Dog, my mouth started watering and after having been flying all day I was parched as it was.

As we neared the parked Japanese car the mysterious carton's colours and logo became unmistakably clear, it was indeed a Murphy Goode Wine case and I was a mere meter within reach of liquid ecstasy. 

Dropping my bags on the ground I immediately thrust the rear door open and bolted for the case of Murphy Goode Wine, much like a Pirate would lunge for his booty.  Upon laying my sweaty palms on the case itself it didn't occur to me that this was the lightest case of wine I'd ever managed, particularly after lugging 100 pounds through airports all afternoon.  I peeled back the already opened cardboard container and in a blink of an eye my momentary bliss was debased to nothingness.  IT WAS EMPTY. Welcome to America.

Needless to say, my mood went from Yahoo! to Boohoo! in a couple seconds and all I wanted to do was go home.  Of course having no idea where home was to be, that was near impossible without Warner.  So, we loaded up the car and moved to Beverly.  Ok, not really.  Los Alamitos to be exact.

It was about 40 minutes later or so when we arrived at what I would be calling my new temporary home.  Apparently Warner moved in himself only one week before so I'm sure you can imagine what kind of shape the space is in at present.  

Entering the flat in the living room (my bedroom) the kitchen is immediately on the left.  It's there that I spotted another chance for the Wine Gods to redeem themselves.  Yes, on the counter I could see the makings of a Murphy Goode bottle of wine.  I assume it spawned from the empty case in Warners car.  Was he simply teasing me?  No matter.  Now we drink.

Ditching my belongings on the fluffy floor (no carpets in my EU home) I quickly sauntered over to the kitchen where the Murphy Goode bottle and two empty glasses rested on the counter top.  I thought, how cool is he? Warner, that is, to prepare such a warm homecoming.  Those heartfelt thoughts of pleasantry quickly turned to vicious scorn as my stomach once again turned from the nauseating reality of my surroundings.  The Murphy Goode bottle of 2003 Wild Card Claret was empty.  Warner must die.

Welcome to America, again.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Walk The Wine

Well, like the Whitesnake song says, "Here I go again on my own..."  It's always hard leaving home.  I've been doing it a lot lately and picking up once again tomorrow, Thursday May 20th.  So I wanted to get a posting in since I don't know when the next will happen.

The routine is as follows.  I pack a few things and head to the airport.  I fly somewhere like Los Angeles in hopes to find a good contract, gig, job or whatever you want to call it.  Work!  But guys like me, if we're honest, our work is like play that you have to do until it starts feeling like work.  Then you quit and do something else until that feels like work; then back and forth.  Acting, Hosting, Music seem to be my teetering points. Since the late eighties I've been at it.  Overnight success?  What's that?  I am definitely an aged wine if one were to use such a metaphor.

Ok, left you hanging on the routine breakdown.  That shapes up as follows; I generally stay until the money runs out.  End of routine.  

Since spending so much of my adult life abroad and being quite established in Europe, I'm very little established in the United States by comparison.  One of the joys of working online which I have enjoyed since 1989 is it starts to matter less and less as more of the world get wired.  Yes, I'm one of the original Silicon Suckers having had one of the first 100 officially registered eCommerce sites.  Of course back then, it was essentially souped up mail order.

Murphy Goode TV episode 2 feat. Okrah Friendley Show

The Murphy Goode partnership is ideal as it would not only finance another chance at establishing a new life in the U.S., it would also provide me with a place to live while create entertaining content (my passion) enable me to bank some money, establish a little credit (our European status counts fer sheet) and after half a year I'd have a great leg to stand on.  If that weren't enough, it would ultimately enable my significant hottie to take the culture plunge and live a life as an American by my side.  I've not yet been able to provide that stability.  Lame, I know.  Three years of many periodical separations, sometimes several months at a time, has taken its toll on us.  Thank Goddess for Skype, that's all we can say.

So, I'm sure the position with Murphy Goode is just as important for many others for may other reasons however if you're not already giving a 100% while trying to get the job, then why should you get the job?  That's how I see it.  Well, that's my story and you know what, I'm stickin' to it.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Number 384 - MGtv - Murphy Goode TV

It's come down to this, eh? I'm reduced to another number. Applicant number 384 trying to land A REALLY GOODE JOB, to be exact. Feels good to be counted, doesn't it? Thanks a bunch to the whole lot of folks that have written in by way of tweets and emails commenting positively and occasionally downright praising what I'm up to. Yahoo! That's so great to hear and I'm very much appreciative. It inspires me to do more.

My vision to virtually package and virally distribute the essence of Murphy Goode Winery and the lifestyle and entertainment from one of the hottest spots in California wine country, Sonoma County, gets closer to fruition. However, it's frustrating not actually being in Sonoma wine country at the present because I'm really geared up to air the show from the area as it's meant to be. 

Instead I'm coming to you from Frankenland at the moment. 
Think middle of Germany. Finding California wines, let alone a fine bottle of the Goode stuff, is utterly impossible. Luckily, I brought my own. It was a BYOMG tasting.

Thanks for your ongoing support for my original MGtv concept and I hope it becomes an official part of the Murphy Goode New Media arsenal come August 1st, then I can start sharing the sights and sounds of Sonoma wine country for real. As for the actual wine, you'll have to arrange that bit for yourselves folks. At least until someone's invented Full Senses Online Communication. When that time comes, count me in but don't be surprised when my browser's always open to Murphy Goode TV and some sexy site for grown-ups.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Quest For Goode

As you likely know, I'm presently not in the beloved wine country, that being Sonoma County.  I'm bumming around in the EU, something I do rather frequently and since being established over here to some degree, it's easy to find a place to crash.  I have my Masters in Couch Surfing.

I'm excited about all this Murphy Goode Wine business but cursing it at the same time.  I was just fine kicking back between gigs and enjoying the Netherlands for all it has to offer.  Then, I get turned on to A REALLY GOODE JOB offer by one of my wine distributor buddies in LA and MGW is an account of theirs. Needless to say, I've more than jumped on the opportunity, as have hundreds of other Murphy Goode hopefuls.  See for yourself by clicking here.

It's quite interesting just how many people don't seem to have read anything beyond $10k a month!  That steps on my grapes! Sure, maybe it adds to a little entertainment for anyone looking for something to tweet about, however it's just unnecessary clutter for the handful of serious players in this game which may ultimately leave some brilliant talent being looked over and missed completely.  

With that worry in mind I've decided to share my favorites as I discover them and I'll post them here http://www.youtube.com/murphygoodetv.  Check back on occasion as the list grows and don't be shy, subscribe.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Welcome to Murphy Goode TV

As this is my first post to what I'm hoping will be a regular thing, I don't necessarily have a lot to share. However, I think it's important to shed some light on what I'm up to here. Introducing MURPHY GOODE TV! Or MGtv for twits & tweets.

Long story short, I'm living my current job pursuit here and offline. I will continue to do so, quitting at the earliest, June 5th, 2009. Yes. All of this is a job application, if you will. An audition. A try out with potential do-overs lasting all but 6 months. Could be the best 6 months...EVER! I fluttered an arm wildly whilst typing. That's how enthusiastic I am.

The future employer in question is Murphy Goode Winery, based in Sonoma California. They decided last month in April to create a new employment position with the title Murphy Goode Wine Country Correspondent. Sounded interesting enough and coincidentally, I happen to be a Wine Country Correspondent (because I say so) in another country.

Well it didn't take me long to load up the family (me, myself & I) and move to Beverly. Now I'm here to stay and it is my intention to be the first black Wine Country Correspondent in the continental United States. Where that actually begins and ends, don't ask me.

In their own words, this is apparently what I'm in for;
  • Exploring the vineyards of Murphy-Goode and surrounding areas and discovering what the Sonoma County Wine Country has to offer, from well-known destinations to off-the-beaten-path spots.
  • Tasting hundreds of wines and meeting the locals in our tasting room.
  • Increasing your wine wisdom: while studying isn’t required, our wine making and vineyard experts will take the time to show you how it’s all done.
  • Working with our winemaker, David Ready, Jr., to create a new wine commemorating your job with us.
  • Filing reports on your experiences, via weekly blogs, photo diaries, Twitter, Facebook, video updates and ongoing media interviews.

Yes I agree. It will be an incredible challenge and time (and your opinions likely) will only tell if I'm up for the gig. Let's give 100% awesomeness and make this thing work. In the end, everybody gets a buzz on.

Are you in?

K. Phillips, WCC