Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's All Goode - The Murphy Goode Song

The last couple days I've been working on a track for my video platform, Murphy Goode TV and I thought the show needed a theme song. I asked many of you directly to read the lyrics and to give your feedback via polling, as to the style of the music. You did just that and once again, thanks to all who participated!

Here are the lyrics to this upbeat goode-time song, "It's All Goode".

"It's All Goode"
©2009 PMG Music

Do Murphy Goode just like you should
And you'll be feeling fine
From NYC to Hollywood
Get your party on tonight

I'm getting crazy with my friends (it's all goode)
It's summer time again, hot legs keep rollin in (it's all goode)
Its always the right time for raising glasses high (it's all goode)
Make a toast to good friends and good times (it's all goode)

Do Murphy Goode just like you should
And you'll be feeling fine
From NYC to Hollywood
Get your party on tonight

Living in a purple paradise (it's all goode)
Now you got me in the mood to play liars dice (it's all goode)
Wild Card fell on the floor (it's all goode)
And like a Viking I want more (it's all goode)
I need lovely maiden to come pour (it's all goode)

It's all good when you're sippin' Murphy Goode
From the suburbs to the hood
From the beaches to the woods
From restaurants to the clubs
From the bars to the pubs
On a date with your girl
On a cruise around the world

Do Murphy Goode just like you should
And you'll be feeling fine
From NYC to Hollywood
Get your party on tonight

And here is the finished result. You can hear a complete version of "IT'S ALL GOODE" right here.

If you love it like I do, download a CD quality mp3 for only $1. Each purchase directly supports the artist and his journey to Healdsburg and beyond!


Stay tuned for more exciting developments from me and Murphy Goode TV as I make my way to Healdsburg for some TAP TIN action!

I'll be reaching out to all the Goode music talent out there as I put together the *Murphy Goode Song Contest and compilation CD (A Really Goode Song), presented by Murphy Goode TV, which I plan to announce and launch in September and release in November accompanied by streaming performances live from Healdsburg on the A REALLY GOODE SONG.com website. Meanwhile purchase and enjoy "It's All Goode" and help finance my mission please! Play it LOUD!

That's one of my plans and I'm sticking to it, so tune the heck in!

Kamary Phillips
Freelance WCLC


Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Top 50 Goode Ones Presented By Murphy Goode TV

Here's a convenient place to watch all 50 amazing applicants for Murphy Goode's A REALLY GOOD JOB campaign! What a difficult job it must have been selecting from nearly 2000 videos! No thanks! Enjoy!


Instead, I've managed to select 64 favorites which you can check out clicking below. Several of my original picks actually made the Top 50! I'll be offering my TOP 10 final picks later this week so stay tuned!


Looking for the original Murphy Goode clip? There you go!

Kamary Phillips
Freelance WCLC

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Goode Countdown Continues Overtime

Winding down.

For some it's a sad time, particularly those that got completely caught up in the A REALLY GOODE JOB rush. It wasn't difficult to let happen. I certainly had my moments. A classic Kamary, "Ok, need a break. Back in some hours or maybe tomorrow." Yeah, right! I'd usually pop back up again with the next hour or so with some nonsense or other to Tweet about. I know, I'm not alone.

I for one am quite happy things are coming to a slow close because only then can we get on to the next phase of all this. DA TAP FIDDY. Or in regular old English terms, The Top Fifty. So, in case you forgot the swing of things;

Countdown dates:

  • June 19: Application period closes
  • June 26: Top 50 candidates chosen
  • July 7: Top 10 announced
  • July 14-18: Final interviews
  • July 21: Candidate selection announced
  • Aug. 15: Report to duty!

Of course I have no substantiating evidence or tangible facts supporting any such claim but I AM GOING TO MAKE DA TAP TIN. I know, at the risk of sounding cocky I say that, however I have seen a great many of the applicants clips and if staying 100% true to the original video requirements is indeed a requirement (including 1 minute or less!), many videos simple do not qualify. Based purely from a technical perspective, I should be in the Top 50. MANY videos don't nor shouldn't qualify, according to an MGtv independent poll. Please cast your opinion too!

One thing is certain, I'm happy (as should you be) I'm not the one doing the elimination part. Admittedly, I have several favorite videos and more than a few are well over 60 seconds. But if I were judging, all overtime videos (excluding my friends) would be the first to go. Like I said, be happy I'm not choosing. I wouldn't even watch the others so I would never have to feel bad for deleting their raw awesomeness. Too bad they didn't follow directions I'd say, and thus be able to sleep soundly at night. :)

It was a real challenge making my video statement in 60 seconds and I know many others feel the same way. So thinking about it like that, I for one hope that following directions is important in the final selection but there's no way to know that until my 'MGtv Embedded Reporter' gets back to me. :) You'll be the second to know. So stay tuned in to Murphy Goode TV and see just how they do it. Exciting, eh?



Freelance WCLC

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Now For Something Completely Different

I had mentioned in a few viral environments that I wanted to take a break from the world of Murphy Goode today as I simply felt like I needed time away from my computer.

Well, that lasted all but a few hours and will continue after this posting. :) I'll split it into something very personal (in a public sort of way) and another clip relevant to the MG Compaign. A clip I really dig.

First some late night music creation. It's the kind of song lyrically intended for all those in a relationship and managing it through all sorts of weather. Mine, personally, is rocky at present and this Murphy Goode ride isn't always so good truth me told. Such is life and nothing that a little success can't remedy. That, I'm certain about. Now, introducing "Try".

Thanks for listening and hopefully the message is abundantly clear. Especially to my girlfriend. Don't bail.

Next up, a great clip from another talented Murphy Goode's "A Really Good Job" hopeful (like me and over 1000 others) and beautiful woman that frankly, I only know as @TashiCake (wonder what that means). Great clip, super theme, groovy blog.

I'll save my cork response for the next MGtv show perhaps. Tune the hell in and find out!

Kamary Phillips
Freelance WCLC

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The David Ready Jr. Interview - An MGtv Exclusive

Whew! That's the sound of exhaling.

The votes are in and it's unanimous. I've done a really good(e) job with this last piece, "David Ready Jr. Interview - An MGtv Exclusive." I come to that conclusion based solely on the dozens of friendly replies and feedback since publishing that content earlier this morning.

Thanks so much to everyone who took almost 18 minutes out of their lifespan to hang out with me in a car driving down to drill Mr. Ready on all things Goode. Specifically "A Really Goode Job", which like hundreds of others, I am doing my absolute best and under often difficult circumstances to get.

If you too are an applicant for this gig then likely the last two clips are all you're interested in. That's where the "straight from the horses mouth" begins. If you are a fan, or simply appreciate story telling then by all means start at the beginning. It is there you'll get the most out of my experience that day and my vision.

New to town and country, I'm not by any means 'set up' here. Low on dough and without wheels, I've felt a bit like a loser on several occasions considering the residence of the State of California seem to be driven by money hungry peeps with expensive leased autos. As an Ameripean, I don't roll like that. At least not yet.

The only reason I managed to make it to Ralph's in Newport Beach last Friday was because the kid whose couch I'm currently surfing on was sick and did not go to work, thus his car was not being used. After promises of buying dinner and a pitcher of Newcastle for the next Lakers game he agreed to let me steer his silver bullet south. The rest, as we say, ist vergangenheit.

In this clip (2a) David Ready Jr. answers questions such as; Who had the original campaign idea? Who will make the final decision? Why the delay from the original schedule?
David Ready Jr. also clears up rumors that claimed he was not satisfied with applicants wine knowledge in general. Did you know David Ready Jr. is a mad Dead fan?

In this clip (2b)I ask David Ready Jr. who his favorite candidate for "A Really Goode Job" is thus far. Yes, he answered. No, it was not me. He also outlines what he's personally looking for. Ever seen a bottle signing before? For me it was a new concept and no one does it like Dave Ready Jr.

In closing, let me say thank you very much for you time and feedback. A special thanks to those who DM'd me with questions for Dave Ready Jr. that day. Given that the application is nearing an end, this MAY LIKELY be my last Vlog, since I do need to focus a bit on making a living sooner than later. But it does get kinda addicting. :) Worst case, it's back to the EU for some weeks to work straight through until I can afford to return. That would give me an excuse to meet the very talented woman behind one of my favorite GOODE SPOTS. Check out Andy's Goode Life Blog. She's was the first stranger to cheer me on and hasn't stopped since. Thanks girl! Hope we can work on a project together someday. Well, if anyone could win the MG gig without having a video it would have to be Andy. Respect.

On another note related to positive energy, interestingly enough there have been other video production offers which have come and might pan out to filling that new Chase bank account I opened last week. That would be sweet. And that's certainly a result of all of us making this thing so present online as of late. The net's a big space after all. So, thanks to all who encounter MGtv and leave not feeling worse for it. That's all I can hope for.

Wish me luck one way or another, would ya'! If you've not yet seen my original application video and would like to lend me your vote, do it this week please as Friday is the last day. Thanks again.

Now back to my red Firestone. It was cheaper than the MG. *wink*

Kamary Phillips
Freelance Lifestyle Correspondent

Monday, June 15, 2009

MGtv featuring David Ready Jr. Interview Video Stills

Ah, what a long day! David and I spent a good 40-50 minutes chatting it up recently and I've managed to finish a good piece on the experience. Those clips, Part One and Part Two, are editing over night and will be published tomorrow afternoon. Meanwhile, enjoy a peek at the stills. Approximately one per minute of original content before I chopped it down to a respectable 15 or 20 minutes.

mgtv 4 poster

Kamary Phillips
Freelance WCLC

Saturday, June 13, 2009

MGtv featuring David Ready Jr. (teaser)

I got a bit swamped this evening so I'll have to cut out early and pick up again tomorrow. Rest assured, it's a very entertaining piece so tune in again sooner than later to watch the entire escapade! Mr. Ready is a funny guy!

MGtv featuring David Ready Jr. (teaser)

Original music written by Kamary Phillips © 2009

I Came, I Saw, I Conquered

Just got in the door and starving! So, I'm posting a quick one just to let you know, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. I got a great interview with Murphy Goode's Dave Ready Jr. and I'll get to editing it later tonight. Heading out for a bit right now as it'll be a long night...
Thanks for the supportive Tweets along the way and the questions. I got many of them answered for you, so stay tuned!MGtv on location

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wining And Dining

I've managed to hold my breath and keep my big mouth shut for over a week now and finally, for a myriad of reasons, I don't have to anymore. So, now I can cry out to the bloggerverse my feedback on a heated conversation which took place recently between VinTank and myself. That is not to say that I'm alone in this general topic by any means, however I was directly confronted by the Wine Consulting firm at one point (certainly not under the best circumstances as you can see) since commenting on an original post found on a great blog from an even greater lady (or should I say Frau) called Andy's Goode Life Blog. And that led to my response and Paul Mabray's (VinTank Partner) one up.

Moments ago I finally replied to Paul with a short praise at their change of heart. As far as I can see, I am one of the earlier folks having declared my disapproval of their earlier marketing methods and with that, certainly risked putting off a few potential supporters in the process. Be that as it may, I stand by my convictions and continue to do my best to impress the only folks that really matter in this whole affair, Murphy Goode Winery and you, that I am the most suited candidate to transport their brand to the most diverse audience the internet has to offer;
• those clueless to wine and wanting to be entertained while experiencing it.

• those people that frankly need to remember the name Murphy Goode more than anything else. Thus branding a variety of quality, relevant media as presented by Murphy Goode, regardless if Wine is the immediate focus.

• those many others who make their buying choices based on which display they find more convenient or attractive at the grocery store. I've witnessed it at Albertsons with my own eyes.

• essentially everybody which lies outside the present Wine-o-sphere which so many others claim to master.

In my humble opinion, there is no place for SNOBBERY in today's wine market. A stereotypical attitude which many people still associate with the what I consider one of the two Nectars Of The Gods. The other being of course, the "B" word. Particularly when we're talking about $10 to $20 bottles of wine as it often the case is.

If you've not yet experienced my original 60 second campaign clip for "A Really Goode Job, which I call Murphy Goode TV - MGtv, have a look and a vote here please.

Original MGtv 60 Sec

My follow up Murphy Goode TV clip can be seen here. Special thanks to Susanne Schröder playing Okrah Friendly.

MGtv 2nd Clip

And an in the field approach to MGtv, a wine tasting, is seen here.

MGtv 3, Wine Tasting

Enjoy my work and I'll make another offering before all this is through, rest assured. And once again, cheers to VinTank for what I consider doing the right thing and contributing positively to the entire spirit of this ground breaking wine online campaign we've all dug ourselves in to. Here are a few of my Murphy Goode TV virtual digs;

  1. Twitter

  2. Facebook

  3. Myspace

  4. BlackPlanet

  5. UTV

  6. YouTube

  7. Blogger

  8. Vimeo

  9. Flickr

  10. TwitPic

  11. WordPress

I'm committed to growing those networks and adding more provided I am indeed the candidate of choice by Murphy Goode Winery. I hope so!

Kamary Phillips, Freelance WCLC

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

BevMo! Wine Tasting on Murphy Goode TV - MGtv

I did this wine tasting to show another potential side of MGtv as I mentioned in an earlier posting. It would have been great to be doing a piece in Sonoma but under the circumstances ($$$) it's just not realistic for me at this time. I have several other ideas on how to produce and present my concept and how to keep it interesting. I hope to have the chance to explore those, however not solely at my own expense as it's been thus far. Cross your fingers and hope that I excel past the other applicants and granted a budget to produce MGtv (or the like) on a full time basis as long as the ride lasts.

Enjoy this little adventure as long as it lasts!
Kamary, WCLC

Tune in to MGtv at YouTube.com/MurphyGoodeTV to learn more.

More video coming soon to a browser near you.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mo' Wine Please!

I did this wine tasting to show another potential side of MGtv and it was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon at that!
Interestingly enough, the wines you likely expected to experience in this show were not presented at the tasting.

Tune in to MGtv on YouTube.com/MurphyGoodeTV to learn more as video will be coming soon to a browser near you.

Kamary Phillips