Saturday, May 16, 2009

Number 384 - MGtv - Murphy Goode TV

It's come down to this, eh? I'm reduced to another number. Applicant number 384 trying to land A REALLY GOODE JOB, to be exact. Feels good to be counted, doesn't it? Thanks a bunch to the whole lot of folks that have written in by way of tweets and emails commenting positively and occasionally downright praising what I'm up to. Yahoo! That's so great to hear and I'm very much appreciative. It inspires me to do more.

My vision to virtually package and virally distribute the essence of Murphy Goode Winery and the lifestyle and entertainment from one of the hottest spots in California wine country, Sonoma County, gets closer to fruition. However, it's frustrating not actually being in Sonoma wine country at the present because I'm really geared up to air the show from the area as it's meant to be. 

Instead I'm coming to you from Frankenland at the moment. 
Think middle of Germany. Finding California wines, let alone a fine bottle of the Goode stuff, is utterly impossible. Luckily, I brought my own. It was a BYOMG tasting.

Thanks for your ongoing support for my original MGtv concept and I hope it becomes an official part of the Murphy Goode New Media arsenal come August 1st, then I can start sharing the sights and sounds of Sonoma wine country for real. As for the actual wine, you'll have to arrange that bit for yourselves folks. At least until someone's invented Full Senses Online Communication. When that time comes, count me in but don't be surprised when my browser's always open to Murphy Goode TV and some sexy site for grown-ups.


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  1. BYOMG I like that... I really like that!