Monday, May 11, 2009

Quest For Goode

As you likely know, I'm presently not in the beloved wine country, that being Sonoma County.  I'm bumming around in the EU, something I do rather frequently and since being established over here to some degree, it's easy to find a place to crash.  I have my Masters in Couch Surfing.

I'm excited about all this Murphy Goode Wine business but cursing it at the same time.  I was just fine kicking back between gigs and enjoying the Netherlands for all it has to offer.  Then, I get turned on to A REALLY GOODE JOB offer by one of my wine distributor buddies in LA and MGW is an account of theirs. Needless to say, I've more than jumped on the opportunity, as have hundreds of other Murphy Goode hopefuls.  See for yourself by clicking here.

It's quite interesting just how many people don't seem to have read anything beyond $10k a month!  That steps on my grapes! Sure, maybe it adds to a little entertainment for anyone looking for something to tweet about, however it's just unnecessary clutter for the handful of serious players in this game which may ultimately leave some brilliant talent being looked over and missed completely.  

With that worry in mind I've decided to share my favorites as I discover them and I'll post them here  Check back on occasion as the list grows and don't be shy, subscribe.

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