Friday, May 8, 2009

Welcome to Murphy Goode TV

As this is my first post to what I'm hoping will be a regular thing, I don't necessarily have a lot to share. However, I think it's important to shed some light on what I'm up to here. Introducing MURPHY GOODE TV! Or MGtv for twits & tweets.

Long story short, I'm living my current job pursuit here and offline. I will continue to do so, quitting at the earliest, June 5th, 2009. Yes. All of this is a job application, if you will. An audition. A try out with potential do-overs lasting all but 6 months. Could be the best 6 months...EVER! I fluttered an arm wildly whilst typing. That's how enthusiastic I am.

The future employer in question is Murphy Goode Winery, based in Sonoma California. They decided last month in April to create a new employment position with the title Murphy Goode Wine Country Correspondent. Sounded interesting enough and coincidentally, I happen to be a Wine Country Correspondent (because I say so) in another country.

Well it didn't take me long to load up the family (me, myself & I) and move to Beverly. Now I'm here to stay and it is my intention to be the first black Wine Country Correspondent in the continental United States. Where that actually begins and ends, don't ask me.

In their own words, this is apparently what I'm in for;
  • Exploring the vineyards of Murphy-Goode and surrounding areas and discovering what the Sonoma County Wine Country has to offer, from well-known destinations to off-the-beaten-path spots.
  • Tasting hundreds of wines and meeting the locals in our tasting room.
  • Increasing your wine wisdom: while studying isn’t required, our wine making and vineyard experts will take the time to show you how it’s all done.
  • Working with our winemaker, David Ready, Jr., to create a new wine commemorating your job with us.
  • Filing reports on your experiences, via weekly blogs, photo diaries, Twitter, Facebook, video updates and ongoing media interviews.

Yes I agree. It will be an incredible challenge and time (and your opinions likely) will only tell if I'm up for the gig. Let's give 100% awesomeness and make this thing work. In the end, everybody gets a buzz on.

Are you in?

K. Phillips, WCC

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