Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Walk The Wine

Well, like the Whitesnake song says, "Here I go again on my own..."  It's always hard leaving home.  I've been doing it a lot lately and picking up once again tomorrow, Thursday May 20th.  So I wanted to get a posting in since I don't know when the next will happen.

The routine is as follows.  I pack a few things and head to the airport.  I fly somewhere like Los Angeles in hopes to find a good contract, gig, job or whatever you want to call it.  Work!  But guys like me, if we're honest, our work is like play that you have to do until it starts feeling like work.  Then you quit and do something else until that feels like work; then back and forth.  Acting, Hosting, Music seem to be my teetering points. Since the late eighties I've been at it.  Overnight success?  What's that?  I am definitely an aged wine if one were to use such a metaphor.

Ok, left you hanging on the routine breakdown.  That shapes up as follows; I generally stay until the money runs out.  End of routine.  

Since spending so much of my adult life abroad and being quite established in Europe, I'm very little established in the United States by comparison.  One of the joys of working online which I have enjoyed since 1989 is it starts to matter less and less as more of the world get wired.  Yes, I'm one of the original Silicon Suckers having had one of the first 100 officially registered eCommerce sites.  Of course back then, it was essentially souped up mail order.

Murphy Goode TV episode 2 feat. Okrah Friendley Show

The Murphy Goode partnership is ideal as it would not only finance another chance at establishing a new life in the U.S., it would also provide me with a place to live while create entertaining content (my passion) enable me to bank some money, establish a little credit (our European status counts fer sheet) and after half a year I'd have a great leg to stand on.  If that weren't enough, it would ultimately enable my significant hottie to take the culture plunge and live a life as an American by my side.  I've not yet been able to provide that stability.  Lame, I know.  Three years of many periodical separations, sometimes several months at a time, has taken its toll on us.  Thank Goddess for Skype, that's all we can say.

So, I'm sure the position with Murphy Goode is just as important for many others for may other reasons however if you're not already giving a 100% while trying to get the job, then why should you get the job?  That's how I see it.  Well, that's my story and you know what, I'm stickin' to it.


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  1. Kamary, you are crackers!

    Love it... *L*O*V*E* *I*T*!!!

    I have a tip for your goode career -- something to boost your visability online... savvy, secret (oops, not anymore), syndication for the video-blogger (or vlogger) such as yourself...

    Would you mind sharing some of your secrets with me? What software do you use for your bluebox productions? (Oh, I can wait until the campaign is over if you want to protect your secrets until then...)

    So here it is, your hot tip! Giving 100%Go get them Kamary!!! You rock :)