Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The David Ready Jr. Interview - An MGtv Exclusive

Whew! That's the sound of exhaling.

The votes are in and it's unanimous. I've done a really good(e) job with this last piece, "David Ready Jr. Interview - An MGtv Exclusive." I come to that conclusion based solely on the dozens of friendly replies and feedback since publishing that content earlier this morning.

Thanks so much to everyone who took almost 18 minutes out of their lifespan to hang out with me in a car driving down to drill Mr. Ready on all things Goode. Specifically "A Really Goode Job", which like hundreds of others, I am doing my absolute best and under often difficult circumstances to get.

If you too are an applicant for this gig then likely the last two clips are all you're interested in. That's where the "straight from the horses mouth" begins. If you are a fan, or simply appreciate story telling then by all means start at the beginning. It is there you'll get the most out of my experience that day and my vision.

New to town and country, I'm not by any means 'set up' here. Low on dough and without wheels, I've felt a bit like a loser on several occasions considering the residence of the State of California seem to be driven by money hungry peeps with expensive leased autos. As an Ameripean, I don't roll like that. At least not yet.

The only reason I managed to make it to Ralph's in Newport Beach last Friday was because the kid whose couch I'm currently surfing on was sick and did not go to work, thus his car was not being used. After promises of buying dinner and a pitcher of Newcastle for the next Lakers game he agreed to let me steer his silver bullet south. The rest, as we say, ist vergangenheit.

In this clip (2a) David Ready Jr. answers questions such as; Who had the original campaign idea? Who will make the final decision? Why the delay from the original schedule?
David Ready Jr. also clears up rumors that claimed he was not satisfied with applicants wine knowledge in general. Did you know David Ready Jr. is a mad Dead fan?

In this clip (2b)I ask David Ready Jr. who his favorite candidate for "A Really Goode Job" is thus far. Yes, he answered. No, it was not me. He also outlines what he's personally looking for. Ever seen a bottle signing before? For me it was a new concept and no one does it like Dave Ready Jr.

In closing, let me say thank you very much for you time and feedback. A special thanks to those who DM'd me with questions for Dave Ready Jr. that day. Given that the application is nearing an end, this MAY LIKELY be my last Vlog, since I do need to focus a bit on making a living sooner than later. But it does get kinda addicting. :) Worst case, it's back to the EU for some weeks to work straight through until I can afford to return. That would give me an excuse to meet the very talented woman behind one of my favorite GOODE SPOTS. Check out Andy's Goode Life Blog. She's was the first stranger to cheer me on and hasn't stopped since. Thanks girl! Hope we can work on a project together someday. Well, if anyone could win the MG gig without having a video it would have to be Andy. Respect.

On another note related to positive energy, interestingly enough there have been other video production offers which have come and might pan out to filling that new Chase bank account I opened last week. That would be sweet. And that's certainly a result of all of us making this thing so present online as of late. The net's a big space after all. So, thanks to all who encounter MGtv and leave not feeling worse for it. That's all I can hope for.

Wish me luck one way or another, would ya'! If you've not yet seen my original application video and would like to lend me your vote, do it this week please as Friday is the last day. Thanks again.

Now back to my red Firestone. It was cheaper than the MG. *wink*

Kamary Phillips
Freelance Lifestyle Correspondent

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