Monday, July 13, 2009

Drink For Free On Murphy Goode TV

It likely sounds a bit too goode to be true but it is. Join me on Sunday, July 19th at the Murphy Goode tasting room between 2PM and 5PM in Healdsburg where Lifestyle Correspondent Kamary Phillips(that's me!) will be pouring the goode stuff up close and personal-like.

I'm not saying that I'll be good at it but I'll definitely be Goode. And the *FREE* bit? No worries! No small or fine print here folks. Just tell them Kamary from Murphy Goode TV sent you and Murphy Goode Winery will wave the tasting fee. It's true!

Would I lie to you? Well, maybe. But NOT right now. This is all part of the Murphy Goode A REALLY GOOD JOB campaign and on the up and up. Have a look at the other hot pour-folks waiting to serve you!

And when you're ripe and if you're feeling in the mood, I'm going to put you on TV. Murphy Goode TV that is. I'll make you famous. :)

"It's All Goode"- The Murphy Goode Song -

Buy This Song, $1 Proceeds go to the Artist.


  1. Hey again!

    It's Kris. I think we can handle the mp4 file at my station. Any format that I can copy into Avid would be great.

    Again, this interview is at 6:40 AM on Monday morning. I believe we're chatting with Dave Ready first and then the Cali candidates.



  2. So, here's where you are! Let me know where I'm to mail something. It's less than 30MB, fine quality.