Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Moving Up The Goode Latter

How many more times can this happen I've asked myself this morning? The goode folks at Murphy Goode have done it to me again, thank Goddess!

It wasn't too long ago that an iconic musical figure passed away, leaving me and a huge chunk of the planet at emotional odds. Downright, sad. Enter, A REALLY GOODE JOB's Top 50 announcement which thankfully and gratefully included yours truly, Kamary Phillips aka MURPHY GOODE TV.

Though elated, I was equally deflated fully feeling the loss of the late-great Michael Jackson. That was then, this is now. Only a couple hours ago, during Michael's moving memorial (yeah, I teared) I received an email, this email to be exact;
mgtv-top 10 letter

And once again cool David Ready Jr. and the gang caught me completely off my emotional guard. As I write this post I am slowly shedding the mourning and embracing the glory. Give me a second, I'll get there.

Thanks for reading and believing.

Kamary Phillips, WCLC

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