Friday, July 3, 2009

Why I Want A Really Goode Job

*I wrote this weeks ago following my telephone interview, as part of the original application process. Though no longer officially needed I think it's important information to acknowledge before voting me out of the running.*

Let me begin by impressing upon you, the reader, that more than wanting this job I really need this Goode job. And why should my needs surpass that of any other candidate? Good question. Now let me explain.

Around the height of George Bush Sr.'s shenanigans, when many people were fed up with the direction the country was headed, there was a surge of folks leaving America in search of a better life. I was one of those folks. At that time and that specific place in time I simply didn't feel as if I belonged here. I migrated with several hundred thousand others to the shores of Europe.

Once there, I established myself within the artist communities of London England and Munich Germany. Though fortunate enough to find success as a Musician and eventually a New Media Content Producer, I always longed to return to the land from which I came. I discovered the hard way just how difficult it is to return 'home' beyond that of a simple family visit. I found it damn near impossible. Much had changed for me over 13 years abroad. America had changed and I dare say for the worst. So I had resolved myself to remaining a European. A German and American citizen to be exact.

Towards the last two years of Bush #2's illustrious Presidential career (yeah, right) I learned about a young Senator named Barack Obama and together with several hundred thousand hopeful Europeans began following the course of this gentleman's journey to the White House. In our view it was a second chance for America. In my view, it was another chance for me to be American. Sure, I've always been American on paper but had nothing I could relate with beyond family and friends. Now, was my chance! At least that's what I chose to believe and still do to this day.

Being an Expatriate meant having had the chance to vote many weeks before the whole of the US nation. While casting my vote I had a deep, inner belief of the outcome which we all witnessed in November '08. I had made preparations to move to California just weeks before the election and things went quite according to plans, almost.

America, though ready for a black President, didn't seem as ready for me; a black guy from Germany. I had an awful time finding work which could be attributed to my poor timing. My talents and services were warmly welcomed however unaffordable to each establishment with whom I met. How could I know that the United States would fall in to such a major Recession at a time when I needed her security and more importantly, her money the most. And California was exceptionally hit hard compared to the rest of the nation. Needless to say, it didn't take long for my limited funds to expire thus an urgent need to return to my beloved Germany quickly arose. I left beaten, broke but somehow still very optimistic. It was only then, when back on European soil, that I discovered this was not an American issue. It was a global one. My next plan was a simple one; Raise more capital and have another go at it.

A few weeks in to what I considered a "working vacation", I got word of A REALLY GOODE JOB from someone near to me who worked for Kendall Jackson. While hanging out with Dave Ready Jr. he got wind of this great opportunity and since knowing my professional background, current strife and my longing to return to America, immediately told me to "get on it" and give it 100%. I've been doing that since I joined this crazy-hyped ride in early May.

It is quite simply my intention to be awarded the position of Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent, do a hell of a brilliant job, earn some money and finally have a respectable leg to stand on such that I may finally establish myself in America once again. I plan to build my own media business here, gear I seriously need to purchase, establish a credit rating, rent a decent flat and invite my big love to join me here to marry in Sonoma, assuming she's not tired of all this already!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Thanks for reading.

Kamary Phillips, WCLC

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